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  All Eiserblew Ragdolls are from 100% Traceable, Traditional pedigrees. Their entire ancestry can be traced back to the original foundation cats on every line of their pedigree with no blanks.

Elowyn is also from 100% Old English lines.

Oh my goodness - what a bundle of loving mischief joined our home the day that 'Smelly Ellie' arrived! She has to be one of the most extroverted Ragdolls I have ever come across. She loves everyone, and will sit on the lap of any visitor who arrives in our home.

Elowyn has a few habits that really make her stand out from the crowd. Firstly, it doesn't matter what you are doing, she simply has to be on your lap. Her second amusing habit is to launch herself at you when she wants fuss. If you realise she is going to do it you can catch and cuddle her, but sometimes she will leap up without warning...

Elowyn is very unusual because she is very 'white'. Many people refer to this as a 'Van pattern' Ragdoll. Only the top of her head and her tail are coloured, the rest of her is the purest white.
Hollygram Porcelein Doll


Tatts was a scruffy kitten, which earnt her the name 'Tatty Anna'. She seems to be more interested in looking after her good looks now though!

Tatts has been shown and has done well in her open and side classes, achieving many firsts. She has had her first litter of kittens, and blessed us with a litter of four to Pudsey. Three were perfectly marked, and one had a dot of colour on her back leg. 'Dot' stayed with us (pictured on our 'Retirees and Neuters' page).

She has a lovely gentle nature, and is always interested in what people are doing. Sometimes I am sure she'd love to join in. She does have a cheeky side to her, which just adds to her character.

Tatts is registered as a Blue Bicolour, but is genetically a High Mitted. She is also from 100% Old English lines.


Sweetie is a home bred girl, and is from 100% Old English lines. I have been trying for a few years to breed a Blue Colourpointed girl, so when Sweetie turned up in her litter she simply had to stay.

She is a lovely character to live with. She is quiet and keeps herself busy, but when you call her over for a fuss she will turn herself inside out while you stroke her and tickle her tummy. Sometimes she will try and play-fight with another of our brood, and when they play back she will squeal at her playmate.

Sweetie has been shown three times as an adult, and attained the title of Champion in three straight shows. She really did exceed our expectations! I am very excited to see what kittens she will have when the time comes!
Eiserblew Sweet Fani Adams
  Ardendolls Lady Legacy Dolly

Dolly (also fondly called 'Dolly-Monster') is from 100% Old English Lines. She is a very special girl to me, as she is the Granddaughter of one of the best Ragdolls I have ever bred (Champion Eiserblew Belle De Jour). Thank-you to Angie of Ardendolls Ragdolls for allowing her to live with us.

I got to meet Dolly for the first time when she was a few days old. Obviously, she didn't remember me when I went to collect her at 13 weeks, and she was wary of me at first. Now she is glued to my side, no matter where I go.

Dolly also loves to 'help' in the kitchen, and spends a lot of time 'shouting' at me, which has earnt her the nickname 'Gordon Ramsay'! We haven't figured out if it's because she is criticising my cooking, or because she wants the food herself.



Dewdrop came to me from a close friend, and is a gorgeous 100% Old English, Blue Colourpointed girl with bags of character! Her father was bred by myself, so she is very special to me. She is one of those cats that tends to stick to people like glue, so she is always by my side!

Dewdrop (also affectionately called Shrimpy!) loves the company of any human. She really isn't bothered who it is, as long as she is the centre of attention. She will lay on my chest at night, but unfortunately the bigger she gets, the more uncomfortable it is becoming!

She is just a baby at the moment, but I can't wait for her to have kittens. If they have half her characteristics, they will be fantastic companions!

Gumble (named after the Bottersnikes & Gumbles series of books) is the daughter of Alice and Ragadmiral. Both her parents have now retired (and can be seen on our 'Retirees and Neuters' page), and this was the last litter of kittens for both of them, so the birth of her litter was a poigniant moment for us. The end of one chapter, but Gumble is the beginning of a new one.

Gumble is my only breeding cat that is not from 100% Old English, but she is from 100% Traceable Traditional lines. She is a gorgeous Seal Bicolour girl with a distinctive dark splodge on her nose. She loves to play with Dewdrop and Carmen, and they are often found playing together, or getting up to no good...

Gumble has a lovely dense, plush coat, that seems to come from her mother. She also is a DNA proven chocolate carrier, so will hope us move forward with our chocolate and lilac breeding programme.



Carmen is a beautiful Blue Mitted girl, with a silky dense coat. She is a bit of a monkey, who likes to lead the other girls astray, and loves to move things. She will knock things off tables, shelves, windowsils... She knows she's not meant to, but like every naughty child, she doesn't always listen when we tell her 'no'!

She is the daughter of Catricat Ragdamiral, from his penultimate litter. She is from 100% Old English lines, and is also a DNA proven chocolate carrier.

She has a lovely diverse pedigree, fantastic boning and lovely length to her body. I look foward to seeing what her first litter brings when the time comes!
Eiserblew Desiderata



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